Coronavirus (COVID-19) response

Every day SEPA works to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment, helping businesses and communities thrive within the resources of our planet.

As Scotland, alongside many other nations, faces a public health emergency, SEPA’s focus will be on protecting our environment, our communities and our people.

Protecting Scotland’s environment

We are helping regulated businesses adjust and adapt to these extraordinary circumstances in which everyone’s resources and capacities are severely constrained. We are prioritising our efforts on those regulated sectors most crucial to the functioning of society during this public health emergency and will work as much as possible with businesses from other sectors.

Protecting Scotland’s communities

We’re protecting Scottish communities through our vital flood forecasting and warning services, including the issue of warning and alerts.

Protecting our people

We’re firmly focused on supporting our people throughout the public health emergency and beyond.

We have moved our workforce to predominately working from home and they are adapting their roles to use different methods for undertaking their jobs.

By supporting our people we aim to continue to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment by:

  • attending significant environmental incidents;
  • focusing our restricted field work on issues of highest environmental risk;
  • maintaining our gauging network to support our flood forecasting and warning system;
  • use a new channels and means to support our regulated businesses and monitor compliance.

In short, we are and we will use every method available to us to play our particular role to help Scotland through this emergency.