Our regulatory response to COVID-19

During this period, we expect regulated businesses to make their best endeavours to meet their environmental obligations and are helping regulated businesses to adjust and adapt, recognising that resources and capacities are severely constrained.

We are clear we expect everyone we regulate to make their best endeavours to meet their environmental obligations. If a regulated business is unable to meet all its obligations under SEPA’s licence, permit or other authorisations because of these exceptional circumstances, we expect the business to:

  1. prioritise compliance with conditions that directly protect the environment over those that are indirect controls or more administrative in nature;
  2. alert us as early as possible if it believes it will be unable to meet any obligations and work closely with us on making choices and finding solutions;
  3. keep a clear record of choices made and actions taken.

If a regulated business behaves in line with these principles, we will take a proportionate and reasonable approach to how we assess compliance during the public health emergency.

We will continue to use a variety of means of checking compliance including phone calls, issuing written advice, remotely managed technologies such as drones, targeted site and field visits and other forms of intelligence gathering.

Our regulatory approach

Temporary regulatory positions and guidance